Certification changes for 2020

  • Starting January 1, 2020, practicals will no longer be accepted at the time of written test. If the practical is not verified in the certification office one business day before an exam, the department will be notified that the tester in ineligible and that if they show up the proctor will send them home. This means that practicals cannot be conducted on the same day of the exam. If you are doing an academy, you can contact the certification office regarding your schedule.

  • Practicals conducted on or after January 20th, Evaluators have to request skill sheets for practicals at least 48 hours in advance so please plan ahead for your practicals and contact your evaluator ahead of time.

  •  Evaluators are to turn in the completed skill sheets directly to LSU FETI, they will not give a copy to the candidate or the department.


For any questions on this, please contact the Certification office at 225-334-6282