Assessments and ProctorU

March 30, 2020

LSU's move to all-virtual instruction has presented unique challenges to ensure the integrity of assessments; and the university is committed to exempting students from paying proctoring fees that were not planned for at the beginning of the semester. It has been a priority to ensure that additional proctoring costs to students are mitigated to the greatest extent possible. As such, students in courses that began in-person and have now moved to an on-line format will not be charged any additional fees as a result of using ProctorU. Students in courses that included remote proctoring or proctoring with fees assessed on the syllabus, course fees, or in the course description, will still be responsible for proctoring fees as originally planned. Instructors will be responsible for informing students on the assessment format they choose to use for their course. 

Office of Academic Affairs