Additional Guidance for Faculty

March 29, 2020; 3:55 p.m.

Dear Faculty,

Below is additional guidance as we move to online instruction:

  • As noted in previous guidance, faculty are allowed to make changes to their syllabi in order to complete the semester (e.g. changes to assignments and due dates, changes to tests and assessments, changes to late work policy). Changes should be justifiable and relative to pedagogical necessity.
  • If faculty are using Zoom or other synchronous activities, these activities should take place at your regularly scheduled course day/time, otherwise conflicts are bound to occur.
  • Faculty must share the revised syllabus with all students and review the changes with them to ensure everyone is clear on the expectations.
  • We strongly recommend a section on online etiquette (including appropriate conduct during Zoom class sessions and discussion forums and academic misconduct) in your syllabus or as an addendum.
  • In addition, we recommend you add Student Advocacy & Accountability verbiage to your class syllabus:

    Behavioral Misconduct
    Per section 5.1 of the Code of Student Conduct, the Code applies to conduct that occurs on the Campus, at LSU-sponsored activities, and/or when the Student or Registered Student Organization is representing LSU. The University shall have discretion to extend jurisdiction over conduct that occurs off campus when the conduct adversely and significantly affects the learning environment or University community and would be in violation of the Code if the conduct had occurred on campus. This includes behavior that may occur in a remote learning environment, such as email, discussion forums, zoom webinars, or any other platform or solution used for a course. In determining whether to extend jurisdiction, the University may consider its ability to gather information. Potential violations of the Code can be reported through LSU Cares.
  • We strongly advise that faculty utilize alternative assessment options when at all possible instead of proctored exams. Resources for providing alternative assessment methods can be found on the Faculty Guide for Remote Teaching website under the section “Modify Activities and Assessments.”
  • Faculty have discretion in terms of changing or modifying final assessments and being flexible in assigning final grades to students who may become sick late in the semester and may not be able to complete the final exam. Any changes to the final examination format or timing should be cleared with the relevant Dean’s office.
  • The date for students to drop with a W grade has been extended by one week.
  • Existing policy already provides for retroactive withdrawals.
  • We intend to streamline approval workflow for incompletes. Details are in development.

Thank you,
The Office of Academic Affairs