HR Updates for Employees

Friday, March 13, 2020; 5:30 p.m. 

The step we’re taking to move to online instruction is not considered an official closure of campus, but we wanted to provide you some guidance in the event we get to that point, particularly about emergency pay and time entry. We’ll also send any additional employment-related information from the State of Louisiana (e.g., Louisiana State Civil Service) that we might receive.

The university will remain open to faculty and staff. Graduate Assistants and student workers may continue to report if they choose to do so. An FAQ for student employment can be found at Please contact the Student Employment Office for further guidance at

When an employee should be quarantined:

  • Employees who have traveled to high-risk areas as defined by the CDC, are exhibiting symptoms and seeking medical treatment, and/or have been in direct contact with any individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 should report by telephone to their supervisor. As recommended by the CDC, the employee may be asked to self-quarantine. Supervisors should contact HRM at 225-578-8200 for direction.
  • Students, staff and faculty should not report to work when sick. If you have concerns relating to an employee’s health, please contact HRM at 225-578-8200 for assistance. Please do not inquire or ask an employee for specific health information or documentation regarding a suspected illness.

Employees who care for minor children whose child care or school is temporarily closed:

  • We realize that this is an unusual situation for us all, and we’re committed to being as flexible, adaptable and sensitive as possible in addressing employee requests to work from home or to have alternative work schedules. Department Heads will have the flexibility to review and approve these requests and should document them appropriately. HRM will be available to provide guidance as necessary.
  • When possible, employees may work with their department to arrange for an alternative work schedule. Classified and professional hourly employees must continue to maintain their weekly total hours to ensure correct pay, and alternative work schedules should be maintained in the department.
  • If the employee’s job duties cannot be performed remotely and the employee is unable to make other arrangements for child care, annual or compensatory leave should be submitted. If the employee does not have annual or compensatory leave, unpaid time off should be submitted. Employees on leave without pay (unpaid time off) will not be subject to disciplinary action due to these circumstances.
  • Unfortunately, because of the nature of the campus environment we cannot place children at risk by allowing them to accompany their parents to work. Employees are encouraged to keep their supervisors informed about child care difficulties.

Guidance for high risk individuals:

Employees at higher risk such as older adults, individuals with serious chronic health conditions (e.g. heart disease, diabetes and lung disease), or individuals who are pregnant, should continue to report to work or contact their supervisor to discuss the possibility of alternative work arrangements.

Employees who are otherwise concerned about their safety may discuss remote work options with their supervisor. Department Heads have the authority and flexibility to approve remote work agreements. As of now, if a supervisor determines that an employee cannot perform their job remotely, annual or compensatory leave must be used. 

If you have any questions, please contact HRM at 225-578-8200.  Please also continue to monitor the LSU coronavirus website at as well as official LSU social media accounts for additional information and updates.

Thanks for your support and cooperation.