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Cap & Gowns


All candidates are expected to wear caps and gowns for both the diploma ceremonies. The cap tassel should be suspended over the left front of the cap. 

Except for those students graduating with college honors, hoods are not worn by candidates for bachelor’s degrees at LSU. For the master’s and doctoral degrees, hoods are the same color and material as the gown, and are lined with purple and gold. Both the master’s and doctoral hoods have a velvet binding, the color of which indicates the degree. 

Persons holding more than one academic degree may wear only one hood at a time. The hood worn should be appropriate to the gown. The traditional rule is that a candidate for a degree should not wear the hood of that degree until it is actually conferred. At LSU, this applies only to the doctoral students who are to be hooded as part of the ceremony. Candidates for other degrees wear their hoods throughout the ceremony. 

Academic regalia for all candidates is available at the LSU Bookstore or online at 

Bachelor’s degree caps and gowns are available for purchase only.

Master’s degree caps, gowns and hoods are available for purchase only. 

Doctoral degree caps and gowns are available for rent or purchase. Doctoral degree caps and gowns must be ordered through the LSU Bookstore. Hoods will be presented at the ceremony in which the candidate receive your diploma.


More Information

Contact the LSU Bookstore at 225-578-7412 for more information. 

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