Youth Services Librarianship

Youth services librarians work in public libraries as children's librarians, where they meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of children from birth through age 12, or as teen (young adult) librarians, meeting the needs of teens from 12 to 18. Some libraries include tween librarians, who work with ages 11-14 (middle-school age). They develop collections and programming, including lapsit, toddler, and pre-school storytimes, summer reading programs, and special events programming. They provide readers’ advisory services, early literacy skills training, informational and digital literacy instruction, and homework help. They often manage their own departments and staff, as well as their own collections and budgets.

The following elective provides the foundational principles of youth services librarianship and is highly recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 7100 Youth Services Librarianship

The following electives are related to this area and are recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 4101 Collection Development for Children
  • LIS 4102 Collection Development for Teens
  • LIS 4104 Collection Development of Non-Fiction
  • LIS 4105 Collection Development of Graphic Novels
  • LIS 7002 Information Resources
  • LIS 7400 School Library Management
  • LIS 7405 Public Libraries
  • LIS 7800 The Art & Practice of Library Storytelling
  • LIS 7807 Information Literacy Instruction
  • LIS 7808 Special Topics in LIS (when topic is appropriate)
  • LIS 7900 Internship in Library & Information Science
  • LIS 7909 Directed Independent Study


Tyler Viso
Academic Coordinator