Special Topics Courses


What are Special Topics Courses? 

LIS 4900 LIS 7808 are Special Topics courses in Library & Information Science.

Special Topics courses include courses offered only once as well as new courses that are in a "pilot" phase before being added to the catalog.


Both LIS 4900 & LIS 7808 are 3 credit-hour courses as seen below:

LIS 4900 Special Topics in Library and Information Science (3) Prereq.: Permission of department. May be taken for a max. of 6 sem. hrs. of credit when topics vary.

LIS 7808 Special Topics in Library & Information Science (3) May be taken for a maximum of 15 semester hours of credit when topics vary.


Special Topics courses offered in the past have covered a variety of subjects related to Library & Information Science.


Recent Special Topics courses offered:

Hyperlinked to the course titles, you will find a recent syllabus of the course. Please only use this as a reference, as textbooks and assignments can vary by semester.

LIS 4900

LIS 4900: Fundamentals of Data Curation

Introduction to definitions, principles, and practices of data curation; data curation lifecycle model; relevant technologies for data repositories.


LIS 4900: Sci Fi and Fantasy in Libraries

Explores the history of the fantasy literature in the West, collection, acquisition and management issues related to that literature, the literature itself and its uses in public and school libraries.


LIS 7808

LIS 7808: Community and Participatory Archives

Community and participatory archives involve the participation and documentation of communities and individuals who may have been previously excluded from mainstream archives. This course will explore the movement for archival plurality from the cultural turn of the 1970’s to the current archival landscape. Students will participate in graded discussions of the major archival literature on community and participatory archives while conducting a semester-long in-depth study on one aspect of the topic.


LIS 7808: Creating a Community of Readers

Value and role of leisure reading for children and adolescents, ages 5-18; strategies for building enthusiasm for reading in school and public libraries.


LIS 7808: Information Services to Diverse Populations

Develops cultural competence in librarians and other information service providers, including identifying diverse populations, determining their educational, informational and recreational needs, and effectively and equitably meeting those needs. 

LIS 7808: Principles of Searching

Introduction to theories, principles and methods of effective searching of digital information resources.


LIS 7808: Rural Librarianship

The study of rural public libraries, their history and significance in communities.