Knowledge Management

This focus area trains and supports information professionals working in non-traditional environments, such as knowledge management and competitive intelligence. It focuses on the nature and characteristics of tacit and explicit knowledge, information behaviors in organizational settings, and strategies to capture, identify, codify, organize, store, share, use and reuse various information and knowledge assets in organizations. The focus area is designed for students who seek careers such as knowledge manager, knowledge engineer/strategist, competitive intelligence analyst/manager, or information/knowledge specialist.

The following elective provides the foundational principles of knowledge management and is highly recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 7508 Management of Knowledge-based Assets in Organizations

The following electives are related to this area and are recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 4511 Information Architecture
  • LIS 7205 Business Information Resources
  • LIS 7403 Special Libraries & Information Centers
  • LIS 7511 Competitive Intelligence
  • LIS 7808 Special Topics in LIS (when topic is appropriate)
  • LIS 7909 Directed Independent Study
  • LIS 7900 Internship in Library & Information Science


Tyler Viso
Academic Coordinator