Digital Content Management

Digital content managers collect, organize, and evaluate digital assets regardless of their types, formats or methods of delivery. They manage the life cycle of digital content from creation to curation, build applications (such as Websites, databases, information retrieval systems) and develop services (such as digital libraries and digital curation) that respond to institutional and individual user needs. A wide range of information-rich institutions, including corporations, government agencies and information centers, require digital content management services.

The following elective provides the foundational principles of digital content management and is highly recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 7410 Digital Libraries

The following electives are related to this area and are recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 4511 Information Architecture
  • LIS 7505 Introduction to Digital Curation
  • LIS 7506 Preservation and Digitization of Audiovisual Content
  • LIS 7508 Management of Knowledge-Based Assets in Organizations
  • LIS 7808 Special Topics in LIS (when topic is appropriate)


Tyler Viso
Academic Coordinator