Archival Studies

Archivists maintain the integrity of the historical record. Archivists fulfill this mission through the essential roles and duties beginning with determining which records possess enduring value. The archivist actively preserves and protects the selected records from deterioration, damage, and destruction, and provides access to these historical records for use in research. Finally, the archivist brings history to the people through the development of exhibitions, digital collections, workshops, and educational programming.

The following elective provides the foundational principles of archival studies and is highly recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 7408: Introduction to Archival Theory, Principles & Practice

The following electives are related to this area and are recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 7504: Preservation Management of Physical Records
  • LIS 7505: Introduction to Digital Curation
  • LIS 7702: Seminar in Archival Appraisal
  • LIS 7703: Advanced Seminar in Archival Studies
  • LIS 7704: Archival Arrangement & Description
  • LIS 7909: Directed Independent Study

Students completing the Archival Studies Focus Area may also be interested in completing the dual degree option with the Graduate Certificate in Archival Studies (CARST). The MLIS/CARST program allows students to complete the Graduate Certificate as part of their MLIS coursework. In consultation with their advisor, students may fulfill the CARST requirements as their MLIS elective courses.


Tyler Viso
Academic Coordinator