Adult Services in Public Libraries

Adult services librarians meet the educational, informational, and recreational needs of adults throughout their life span.  They develop collections and provide programming and reference services on topics such as career development, small business ownership, parenting, investing, retirement, and estate planning. They provide reader's advisory services, informational and digital literacy instruction, and outreach services to homebound seniors and those in managed care facilities.  

The following elective provides the foundational principles of adult services in public libraries and is highly recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 7110 Adult Services in Public Libraries

The following electives are related to this area and are recommended for students interested in this area:

  • LIS 4105 Collection Development of Graphic Novels
  • LIS 7002 Information Resources
  • LIS 7203 Sources of Government Information
  • LIS 7205 Business Information Resources
  • LIS 7405 Public Libraries
  • LIS 7800 The Art & Practice of Library Storytelling
  • LIS 7807 Information Literacy Instruction
  • LIS 7808 Special Topics in LIS (when topic is appropriate)
  • LIS 7900 Internship in Library & Information Science
  • LIS 7909 Directed Independent Study


Tyler Viso
Academic Coordinator