Photo of Boryung Ju

Boryung Ju


PhD: Information Studies, Florida State University, 2002

Master's Degree(s): MLIS, Indiana University, Bloomington

Phone: 225-578-1460


Office: 274 Coates Hall


LIS 2003 Information & Internet Environments
LIS 4511 Information Architecture
LIS 7009 Understanding Research
LIS 7510 Website Design & Management

Research Areas 

Human-Computer Interaction, Data/Knowledge Management, and Information Behavior & Interaction.

Selected Publications

Ju, B., Stewart, J. B., & Jin, T. (2022). “A Bit Hard for us to Explain”: Barrier to Creating New Information in Scientific Collaboration. Library and Information Science Research, 44, 101173 http://doi. Org/10.1016/j.lisr.2022.101173 

Yang, S. & Ju, B. (2021). Library support for emergency management during the time  of natural disasters: Through the lens of public library Twitter data. Library and Information Science Research, 43(1). 

Stewart, B. & Ju, B. (2020). On Black Wikipedians: Motivation behind content contributions. Information Processing and Management, 57(3), 102134.

Ju, B. & Stewart, B. (2019).  “The right information”: Perceptions of information bias among Black Wikipedians. Journal of Documentation, 75(6), 1486-1502.

Ju, B. & Kim, Y.  (2019).  The formation of research ethics for data sharing by biological scientists: An empirical analysis. Aslib Journal of Information Management, 71 (5), 583-600.

Yang, S., Ju, B., & Chung, H. (2019).  Identifying topical coverage of curricula using topic modeling and visualization techniques: A case of digital and data curation. International Journal of Digital Curation, 14 (1), 62-87.

Stewart, B., Ju, B., & Davis-Kendrick, K. (2019).  Racial climate and inclusiveness in academic libraries: Perceptions on welcomeness among Black college students. The Library Quarterly, 89 (1), 16-33.

Selected Presentations

Ju, B., Jung, Y. & Bourgeois, J. “Seeking health information in Wikipedia and readers’ satisfaction” Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT, Nov 2021.

Stewart, B. & Ju, B.  “A Conceptual framework of data (Info) quality revisited” Association for Information Science & Technology (ASIS&T) Annual Meeting. Salt Lake City, UT, Nov 2021.

Ju, B. & Stewart, B. “Perceptions of information bias and inequity among Black Wikipedians” European Computational Social Science Symposium, Cologne, Germany, Dec. 2018.

Stewart, B. & Ju, B. “What drives Black contributions to Wikipedia?”  ASIS&T Annual Conference, Vancouver, Canada, Nov. 2018.

Ju, B., Yang, S., Meyer, M., & Hendricks, M. “Public libraries on Twitter: Interacting with communities in crisis.” ACM WebSci Conference 2018, Amsterdam, Netherlands, May 2018.

Yang, S., Ju., B., & Chung, H, “Configuring the Scope of Digital/Data Curation in LIS Education” ALISE2018 Annual conference, Denver, CO, Feb. 2018.


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