Dual Enrollment Teacher Certification

Thank you for visiting the LSU College of the Coast and Environment‘s (CC&E) Dual Enrollment (DE) Teacher Certification website. CC&E is comprised of two departments, the Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences (DOCS) and the Department of Environmental Sciences (DES). Below you will find all the important information regarding our free Dual Enrollment Teacher Certification program which is part of the LSU College Readiness initiative.

In order for a high school to offer a CC&E dual enrollment opportunity, the teacher assigned to teach the high school course must participate in an initial professional development workshop.  This workshop includes two summer sessions at LSU and at least 15 additional hours of independent work between the two workshop sessions.  There is no fee for participation in the workshop for dual enrollment teachers. The trained high school College Readiness Program dual enrollment (DE) teacher serves as the classroom facilitator in the high school setting.  The Instructor of Record (IoR) is an LSU Environmental Science or Oceanography department faculty member who oversees all aspects of the course being taught.


All teachers that plan to be a facilitator of any CC&E DE course must complete a one-time certification workshop series for each course being taught. This is mandatory to receive certification from our college. We will meet the Monday and Tuesday of the second week of June to go over all of the basic information for the course as well as all dual enrollment policies and procedures. Part one of the workshop series will initiate the certification process, which includes going through all homework and quiz material. All lecture notes and pertinent information will be made available to those in attendance.  Part two of the summer workshop series will be held on the Monday and Tuesday of the last week of June. During this time we will finalize your DE Certification by having you complete the course midterm and final.

*NOTE* This is only required the first time you plan to teach a dual enrollment course and will serve as your certification exam.


Please have all your prospective ENVS facilitators complete and the scan this document back to me no later than Friday May 10th, 2019

CC&E Summer Workshop Series 2019


  • Part 1 – Monday, June 3th and Tuesday, June 4th from 9am – 4pm
  • Part 2 – Thursday, July 11th from 9am – 4pm


LSU – College of the Coast and Environment
Energy, Coast, and Environment Building
Rotunda Conference Room #1247


CC&E DE Refresher Workshop Fall 2019

When: Friday July 12th from 9am – 4pm


LSU – College of the Coast and Environment
Energy, Coast, and Environment Building
Room #1247 

Please email Grace Cagle if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

Email: gcagle1@lsu.edu

Current CC&E DE Courses Offered

ENVS 1126 Introduction to Environmental Sciences (3) (S)

[LCCN: CEVS 1103, Environmental Science] This is a General Education course.

Prereq.: Minimum composite score of ACT-21*. Credit will not be given for both this course and ENVS 1127. Essential principles of environmental sciences; comprehensive and fundamental understanding of sound science, stewardship and sustainability in environmental sciences; interactions and relations between humans and earth; an up-to-date look at today’s global, national and regional environmental issues.*subject to possible change in the future.


For the Summer workshop application form, please download it here.


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