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Student Activities Board Committees

SAB is split into five committees, each with their own programming concentration. Each committee event reflects that area’s concentration and personality to keep programming within SAB fresh and diverse. Check out our list of committees to see which one is right for you.

Late Night Committee

Late Night LSU provides entertaining, on-campus late night programs in a safe and healthy environment while promoting diverse social interactions among students. The Late Night Committee’s largest program is Late Night LSU, which is held just prior to the fall semester partnered with other organizations and departments across campus. Some examples of fun include Teaching Kitchens, Lip Sync battle, mechanical bull, and much more!

Music Committee

The Music Committee was created to broaden the campus musical experience. The committee exposes students to a wide range of musical performances and programs which may include indie artists, local artists, and student performers. Popular programs they put on include Thursday Night Live: Open Mic Night. The committee is always looking to do more.

Pop Fusion Committee

Pop Fusion explores different aspects of popular culture. Whether it’s hosting nationally-recognized touring groups, screening the next Top Box Office hit, hosting cutting edge programs, or supplying much needed comic relief, this committee introduces an abundance of diverse programs to LSU and the surrounding community. This past year, the Pop Fusion Committee brought comedic relief with Campus Feud and also held the popular Painting with a Spin where students learned how to paint a glow-in-the-dark tiger eye! Pop Fusion will keep you on the cutting edge of what’s hot!

Trending Topics Committee

The Trending Topics committee focuses on creating events to discuss diverse, current events. This committee allows student's voices to be heard and to further the campus's knowledge of our world. This committee looks to bring new ideas and information to campus through a variety of influential speakers, movie screenings, and more! Recently the committee held a screening of the documentary, Same God, which was followed by a panel discussion that included the director and other distinguished guests.

Special Events Committee

This committee was created to give students the opportunity to put on events beyond the usual of what SAB presents. It explores boundaries by creating creative and distinctive programs that provide a unique experience for students. Some of those programs are Fall Fest, Prom, and Holiday Spectacular.

Homecoming Student Committee

The Homecoming Student Committee plans and organizes a variety of activities to engage LSU community in an annual celebration of Tiger traditions and school spirit. Some of the activities held each year include the parade, concert, talent show, banner competition, and other events.