Focus Areas

Volunteer LSU focuses all service efforts in the following areas:

The Baton Rouge Restoration and Beautification Focus Area connects volunteers with the Baton Rouge community through remediation projects on culturally significant areas.

The Civic Engagement and Awareness Focus Area brings attention to societal challenges such as poverty, abuse, hunger, homelessness, and prejudice while encouraging LSU students to help address these issues through community service. Through these initiatives the surrounding LSU community benefits from long-term sustained partnership while students gain an improved perspective of society.

The Disaster Recovery and Response Focus Area educates LSU students about disaster preparedness, emergency response, and continued recovery efforts through direct service projects.

The Environmental Focus Area is dedicated to educating LSU students about environmental issues.

The Health and Wellness Focus Area works to educate LSU students and the community about health issues, healthy lifestyles, and disease prevention.

This focus area is dedicated to raising awareness throughout the LSU community to address food insecurity and to establish and encourage a passion to provide food for those within the state.

The Youth and Education Focus Area helps schools and students in the Baton Rouge area through fun activities, building community, and direct assistance in education.