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David B. Johnson Award

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The David B. Johnson Award is awarded annually to an MPA student.  The award recognizes Johnson’s interest in academic achievement for those entering the public sector, an inquiring mind about public policy issues, and a commitment to improving public management/policy.

David B. Johnson was a Professor of Economics at LSU who initiated the Master of Public Administration Program in 1972.   He initiated the program with very little support from the college or university, but believed that public management/public policy were important components in the modern society.  Johnson, himself, was a public choice theorist from the University of Virginia who had studied with Professor James Buchanan, a Nobel Memorial Prize winner in Economics in 1986.  Buchanan, a graduate of the University of Chicago, initiated research on how politicians’ self-interest and non-economic forces affected public decision making and economic policy.  David Johnson followed this research interest.  He served in the U.S. Department of Treasury during the Presidency of Gerald B. Ford and worked on healthcare issues.  Johnson taught the Public Finance (ECON 4110) course for many years.  He maintained the MPA Program from 1972 through 1984 when the Public Administration Institute was instituted. Johnson was a very energetic researcher and a tremendous person with whom to have lunch or dinner.  He was an engaging conversationalist and a very bright mind.  


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Macee Spencer

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Nicole Wesley

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Erica D'Spain

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Mark Richards


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Mason Hess

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Crystal Carter

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LaTosha Mullins

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Rachel Godeaux


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Scott Manguno

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Carols Malbrew

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Danielle Neinabar

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Sara Bradford


Astrid Merget Award

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The Astrid Merget award is awarded annually to an MPA student. This award was created to honor Astrid Merget and to make sure each generation of students will appreciate Merget’s contributions to the LSU MPA Program and to the profession in terms of commitment and dedication to public service, citizenship, and community engagement. In her memory the LSU Public Administration Institute and E. J. Ourso College of Business created the The Astrid Merget Award for Commitment to Public Service and Citizenship.

Professor Astrid Merget had an acute commitment to public service and citizenship, public policy, and public management.  She appreciated the importance of the private economy but recognized that a commitment to public service, citizenship, and public policy were essential to enhance the community and the market economy. 


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Antoine Pierce

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Ashley Coates Delrie

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Christina Bastien

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Noble-Bates Young


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Amanda Galonek

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Sarah Brown