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International Experience


The E. J. Ourso College of Business International Experience develops the following programs to increase your international experiences:


  • Programs for LSU business faculty and students to participate in cultural and academic exchanges with faculty and students in the world's leading universities
  • Curriculum development to educate and prepare future global business leaders


  • Research and develop best practices of our global economy to publish in leading global business research journals


  • LSU non-business faculty and students add a different perspective when participating in global business programs


  • Academic outreach in promoting international business education in Louisiana in order to cultivate more entrepreneurial potential
  • Business outreach in helping Louisiana-based companies to build international skills and grow globally

Some of these programs are sponsored and organized by the E. J. Ourso College of Business, some come from other areas within the LSU community, and some come from third parties. International travel and study are beneficial to a business education; we encourage you to find a program that works for you.

Geauxing Global

Internationally-Focused Academic Offerings

Bachelor of Science in International Trade & Finance

The only program of its kind in the state, the BS in international trade & finance is a specialized course of study of the international aspects of economics. Through the 120-hour program offered by the Department of Economics, students will learn to understand the role of supply and demand in a market economy, discuss the market system advantages and pricing, identify policy options and their effectiveness, and grasp the impact of international relations on trade and finance.

International Management Concentration

Offered by the Rucks Department of Management, the international management concentration allows management majors to build their knowledge and skills in understanding the complexity of international management and the cultural context of business. Students in this new concentration are required to complete 15 hours through a mix of required courses and approved electives.

International Business Minor

The international business minor allows students who have not declared a business major within an international focus to complete meaningful educational requirements in the area of international business. The minor is open to any LSU student and requires a total of 18 hours. Students will take 12 hours of intentionally-focused business courses and must take courses from within different academic departments.

In addition to courses, credit earned abroad through an International Business Seminar (IBS) or university exchange program may be considered for the minor. Students should submit these requests to the faculty advisor for review. 

Course Information

Course ID Course Description
ECON 4520: International Trade* Learn fundamental theories of international trade and discuss how they relate to current economic events and policies.
ECON 4550: International Finance* The course will focus on exchange rates and the foreign exchange market, including short- and long-run exchange rate determination, macroeconomic policy coordination, and alternative international currency systems.
FIN 3718: Multinational Managerial Finance* Learn about multinational financial management and the nature of the international finance system, including multinational corporations' approaches to financing, investment, and risk management.
GBUS 4040: Entrepreneurship in China* Explore characteristics of the Chinese energy industry, such as new venture financing, innovation, franchising, family businesses, technological entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and entrepreneurship education and incubators.
ISDS 4160: Sourcing in China*

The class will include discussions about energy and network clusters, cost competitiveness, strategic partners and suppliers, negotiating, branding, manufacturing, factory and supply chain audits, and protecting intellectual property.

MGT 4440: International Strategic Management*

The course will examine how businesses approach managing organizations in the global context.

MGT 4450: Global Corporate Social Responsibility

Examine pressing issues, such as the environment, economic inequality, and social problems, and how organizations uphold their social responsibility through business strategies that shed light on these issues.

MKT 4443: International Marketing*

Students will also be introduced to the subjects of imports and exports, joint ventures, foreign subsidiaries, licensing, and management contracts.

*These classes are options for satisfying the requirements for the new international business minor. Talk with your advisor to discuss specifics and plan your course of study. 

Contact Laura Wiley, director of International Experience, to learn more.