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Student Responsibilities

Think Participant, Not Recipient

You must take an active role in the academic counseling process. Share your plans and passions, your counselor will provide advice to help you achieve your goals. The counselor’s role is not decision maker, that’s your job. Instead, he or she is here to ensure you have information and guidance necessary to put ideas into action.

Get Help Early and Often

Make counseling appointments in advance, especially during busy registration periods, by accessing the online appointment system. Then keep up with the process at least once a semester to make sure you are on track.

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Ask for Help from Several Sources

The 2017 National Survey of Student Engagement says that 45 percent of the students surveyed received academic advice from academic counselors, 17 percent from family members, 15 percent from other students, 8 percent from faculty not formally assigned as a counselor, and the rest from miscellaneous sources. When the advice you receive does not meet your goals or feels wrong, get another opinion. But remember that ultimately, all decisions are yours.

Do your Homework

Read the university and college policies, procedures, and practices, and do your best to think through a plan before you arrive at your counseling appointment.