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Finance Student Organizations

The Department of Finance offers two major-specific student organizations to both undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, the department also encourages students to get involved with organizations associated with different majors and the college as a whole.


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Asset Management Academy 

The Asset Management Academy helps students develop the tools to work in the asset management industry. There is a focus on research, using finance, math, and computer science to develop tools that would function at industry standards. Asset Management Academy is a think tank run by students and is open to undergraduate and graduate students in a variety of disciplines. The group has a multidisciplinary focus preparing students for the research analyst/portfolio manager as well as advisor roles.

Faculty Advisor: Kurtay Ogunc



2016 SFA students posing in front of the Bull at the NYSE

Student Finance Association

The Student Finance Association (SFA) is an informative support group for finance students and faculty. Activities are designed to encourage students to socialize with fellow students, faculty members, and economists in the business community. The society also offers assistance with job searches and graduate school information.

Faculty Advisor: Kurtay Ogunc

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business students at the Jumping Into Business event

E. J. Ourso College of Business Student Organizations

The E. J. Ourso College of Business offers numerous student organizations available to students. These organizations are a great way to connect with students across majors and get involved with the business college itself.