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JD/MS Finance 

What is JD/MS?

The JD/MS program allows students to obtain both a master of science in finance from the E. J. Ourso College of Business, and a juris doctor/graduate diploma in comparative law from the Paul M. Hebert Law Center. The program is designed to allow students to complete both degrees in less time, and with fewer expenses, than if the two degrees were obtained independently outside of the program.

Why a joint JD/MS Program?

The JD/MS offers students an education grounded in law and finance, which the College of Business and the Law Center agree provides mutually beneficial advantages for both degrees. Building on the Law Center’s unique curriculum which prepares law students for practice in all 50 states, as well as service across the globe, the MS in finance provides students with the quantitative and theoretical skills to excel in a broad range of careers in both industries. As the legal and business worlds have grown to be more connected, obtaining this joint degree is more relevant than ever. ​

How does the program work?

Students wishing to participate in the JD/MS program must be granted separate admission to both the LSU Graduate School and the LSU Law Center. After admission has been granted to both, students must complete the Request for Dual Degree form to validate enrollment in both degree programs. Once admission has been granted to both schools, 12 hours of course credit earned for the M.S. Finance degree will apply toward the total number of hours required for the JD degree, and 18 hours of course credit for the JD degree will apply toward the total number of hours required for the MS Finance. Students wishing to participate in the program may begin taking courses for either degree before beginning the JD/MS program, but must be enrolled in both degree programs simultaneously for at least one semester to earn the concurrent credit.

Typically, students entering the program in the Fall would complete the first year of law school (fall and spring) before completing the first semester of the business school's MS finance Program (fall). Those entering in the Spring would pursue MS finance first and complete the first semester of the program (spring) before completing the first year of law school the following year (fall and spring). Students follow a combined curriculum of law and business school courses upon completion of the first year of law school and first semester of the MS Finance Program. Most students finish with both degrees between three and four years, depending on when the student began the program and the courses taken each semester.​


Course Hours
Required - Students must choose all of the following:  
FIN 7633 Financial Markets  
FIN 7719 Advanced Financial Management  
FIN 7826 Investment Analysis and Portfolio Theory  
Finance Electives   9
Law Courses   82