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MAcc - Master of Accountancy

Internal Audit Curriculum

The Internal Audit specialization follows the calendar year. That is, students begin the program in spring and finish it in fall. For more information on specializing in Internal Audit, please see the webpage for the LSU Center for Internal Audit.

Course Hours
ACCT 4022 or ACCT 4421 Advanced Accounting or Governmental & Not-for-Profit Accounting1 3
Tax- Students must choose one of the following:
ACCT 4221 - Income Tax Accounting II
ACCT 7201 - Tax Aspects of Business Entities (Fall only)
ACCT 7210 - Tax Research, Planning and Business Decision Making
ACCT 7021 Advanced Theory of Accounts 3
ACCT 7232 Case Studies in Internal Audit (Summer Only) 3
ACCT 7233 Graduate Internal Auditing I (internal audit students only; Spring Only) 3
ACCT 7234 Operational Auditing (Fall Only) 3
ACCT 7333 Internship in Internal Auditing (Optional) 3
BLAW 4203 Commercial Transactions for Accountants2 3
ACCT 4244 Audit Analytics3 3
  Upper level (4000 or 7000) Accounting elective 3
1 If both ACCT 4022 (Advanced Accounting) and ACCT 4421 (Governmental & Not-for-Profit Accounting) were taken as an undergraduate, select another upper-level (4000 or 7000) accounting course.
2 If BLAW 4203 (Commercial Transactions for Accountants) was taken as an undergraduate, select an upper-level (4000 or 7000) elective from the College of Business.
3 If ACCT 4244 (Audit Analytics) was taken as an undergraduate, must take ACCT 4344 (Tax Analytics).

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