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Our mission is to produce graduates on every level who excel in their pursuits. We prepare students for careers in public accounting, industry, and governm​ent through required and elective courses in financial accounting, cost, audit, taxation, and internal audit.

A key element of our department’s success is our outstanding faculty, which publishes articles in top academic and professional journals and writes textbooks and trade books. Additionally, our faculty members are active participants in the accounting profession.

The Department of Accounting offers the following:

Students in accounting have multiple opportunities to participate in various groups and organized events, including:

The Department of Accounting hosts two conferences per year:

Additionally, the department publishes the Tiger Tactics magazine each year which recaps the department's activities. To receive a copy, please complete the alumni update form.


2016 Deloitte National Competition

Bachelor of Science in Accounting

A 120-hour program that readies students for careers in internal auditing, industry, and government.

MAcc students in Nicaragua 2017

Master of Accountancy

A 30-hour program that, when added to the bachelor’s, satisfies the requirements to sit for the CPA Exam. Students in the master’s program have the opportunity to select electives in several areas of interest, including internal auditing, auditing, and finance.

Accounting Awards Banquet

PhD in Accounting

A capital-market based curriculum with intensive study in economics and finance that is designed to prepare students for positions in academia.