EXST 700X Statistics Lab

Important information, please read.

To use a program (TXT file), either

  1. download it, save it to the hard drive, and change the extension from TXT to SAS or
  2. open the file, copy all the text, paste it into the Program Editor window in SAS, then save it.

File names: in the assignments, some of the data files are shown with spaces in them (e.g., in lab 4, Sharks (1995-97).xls). However, when you download them from this web page, any spaces are replaced with hyphens and parentheses are removed (e.g., Sharks-1995-97.xls). When you are making changes to your program, be sure that you use the correct file name.

(TA: please email eswoope@lsu.edu if there are any problems with this web page.)

Videos with a + in front of the name like this


have clarifications/corrections for the information in that video. Before watching the video, please click on the Details option to display that information, as shown in the example below.

Details info