Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The LSU Department of Agricultural Economics & Agribusiness is committed to serving all of Louisiana’s diverse citizens and students. It is imperative that we meet the needs of everyone and that our programs and employment are diverse, equitable and inclusive.

Diversity and Inclusion Champion: Dr. Trina Biswas


Dr. Trina Biswas

211 Martin D. Woodin Hall

Office Phone: 225-578-2759

Email: tbiswa1@lsu.edu

The Dean’s Office in the College of Agriculture is incredibly excited to announce the inaugural members of the Diversity and Inclusion Champions for the College of Agriculture and LSU AgCenter. These members of our community were selected based on their commitment to ensuring success for all students in the College of Agriculture at LSU. We hope you will seek out these Champions as not only a resource for you, but a professional contact from whom you may seek guidance, support, and fellowship.

If you are interested in meeting with one of the Champions, you may do so by making an appointment via the Navigate app:

·     Download the Navigate app to your phone.

·     Select the “Appointments” widget

·     Select “Academic Advising”

·     Select “College of Agriculture”

·     Select the reason for your visit: Diversity & Inclusion Champion 

·     Select a date and time available for the Champion with whom you would like to meet.

·     NOTE: Graduate students can reach out via email to schedule an appointment


Dr. Trina Biswas is the Diversity and Inclusion Champion for the Department of Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness. Dr. Biswas grew up in a small suburban town in India named Halisahar. Her journey with LSU started in 2010 when she moved to the U.S. for graduate studies. She left LSU to do a post-doc at the University of Florida for a year and moved back to LSU in the Fall of 2017 as an instructor and undergraduate advisor.


"Ten years ago I moved from India to the U.S. as a student. I was fortunate enough to meet a few people who made the transition easier than it would have been. I was very welcomed, nurtured, and guided by friends and colleagues, not only in my career but also in my personal life. Serving as a D&I Champion will give me an opportunity to help in making the journey a bit easier for anyone who is going through a personal or professional transition/transformation," says Dr. Biswas.


When not at work, Dr. Biswas spends her time as an avid reader and she loves learning new languages. Currently, she is learning German and ASL. She is also a photographer and she travels whenever she has time. 

Lighthouse Program

The Lighthouse Program provides free and confidential interpersonal violence prevention, support, and advocacy to the LSU campus community. The program assists student-survivors of sexual assault, interpersonal violence, stalking, and harassment. 

Lighthouse Program

Dr. Trina Biswas serves as our department Lighthouse Advocate. Lighthouse Advocates are specially trained University personnel who can provide confidential guidance and support to LSU students who have directly experienced interpersonal violence (sexual assault, domestic violence, relationship violence, and stalking) or who want to help a friend in need. Several other advocates can be found below:

LSU Lighthouse Advocates


LSU Student Health Center

Student Health Resources

Mental Health Service (MHS) is committed to providing a range of clinical services to help LSU students develop skills to cope effectively with emotional, interpersonal, and academic concerns. MHS primarily offers short-term therapy but provides referrals to the community when students need longer-term or more specialized services.  

Mental Health Resources

Dr. Trina Biswas serves as our department's QPR Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper.


Safe Space Campaign

The goal of the Safe Space Campaign is to identify and educate individuals who will affirm and support all people regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression. People displaying the Safe Space symbol are committed to combating hatred and discrimination through assistance and support.

LSU Safe Space

Dr. Trina Biswas serves as our department Safe Space Member.


LSU Cares

LSU Cares is a university initiative dedicated to the well-being of students and promotion of a community that cares about each of its members.

LSU Cares Resources