Laws, Rules and Regulations

LSU Procurement Services operates under the authority of various Louisiana statutes, rules, regulations, and orders. The primary laws governing public procurements are listed below.

The Revised Statutes may be accessed online at the Louisiana State Legislature website at

The Louisiana Administrative Code may be accessed online at the Office of the State Register website at

Louisiana Administrative Code
Code Description
RS 9:2778 Governing Law
RS 38:2211 – 2296 Public Contracts (New Construction and Major Renovation Projects)
LAC 34:XIII.3-25 Data Processing Procurement
RS 39:360 – 363 Fleet Management Program
LAC 34:XIII.3-25 University Procurement Code (Equipment, Supplies and Operating and Contracting Services)
RS 39:1761 Equipment Lease-Purchase Contracts
RS 42:1101 – 1170 Code of Governmental Ethics
RS 43:1 – 34 Public Printing
RS 43:111 – 211 State Advertisements
RS 44:1 – 41 Public Records
LAC Title 34 Purchasing Rules and Regulations; Government Contracts, Procurement and Property Control
LAC 34:XIII.505.B Procedures for Information Technology Hardware, Software, Software Maintenance and Support Services, and Hardware Maintenance


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