Faculty Information System

Welcome to Elements, the university's Faculty Information System - a platform to collect, analyze, showcase and report all of your scholarly activities. Elements serves as a faculty expertise portal for each faculty member’s teaching, research, scholarly and creative works, and service activities. Elements will provide an interface for faculty discovery and integration which allows collaborators to connect with faculty. Faculty members are expected to update and maintain their public and searchable profiles. 

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How and why was Elements chosen?

The Office of Academic Affairs engaged a procurement process in spring and summer 2021 to consider alternative vendors, and a stakeholder group was involved in viewing demonstrations of these alternatives. 

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to process workflows for annual reviews, promotion and tenure, and sabbatical leave proposals
  • Ability to receive data feeds from external sources
  • Ability to incorporate migrated data from the Digital Measures platform


Elements allows for robust faculty activity data collection, maintenance and reporting on the teaching, research and service activities of LSU’s faculty all while being searchable by collaborators across the world. Collaborators can search faculty information based on completed research, area of expertise and scholarly work. Information can be used to generate vitas and other faculty reports in a variety of different formats (ex. PS-36, NIH, NSF, etc.). 

LSU will leverage the faculty information system for processes such as annual reviews, promotion and tenure review, sabbatical review, accreditation reviews, and reporting.


Sabbatical Leave Request launches Monday, September 13. 


Sabbatical Application & Review


Resources for Sabbatical Application

Sabbatical Application Guide

Training Video

Training Video Transcript



Resources for Sabbatical Review

Sabbatical Application Review Guide

Training Video

Training Video Transcript