Guidelines for Establishing a New Graduate Certificate Program

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Routing Procedure: Graduate Certificate Proposal

  1. Departmental C&C Committee 
  2. College C&C Committee
  3. Graduate Council
  4. Faculty Senate C&C Committee
  5. Office of Academic Affairs
  6. President's Office
  7. LSU Executive Graduate Council
  8. Board of Supervisors
  9. Statewide Council of Chief Academic Officers
  10. Board of Regents

Certificate programs do not require a Letter of Intent. The department/school responsible fills out the Board of Regents’ certificate proposal and its associated budget form. The department/school then compiles any new course(s) that would be associated with the new program. The department should also attach the Faculty Senate Courses and Curricula Form G for Certificates, which details the hours of the degree program as well as the program outline. Form G can be found on the Office of the University Registrar’s website. View the Board of Regents’ form for new programs.

The departmental courses and curricula committee will vote on this proposal. Upon approval, the chair will forward it to the college courses and curricula committee. Upon approval, the dean will forward it to the Graduate Council via Rodney Goldsmith ( for consideration. The Graduate dean will send the proposal to the Faculty Senate Courses and Curricula Committee via Andrea Abad ( in the Registrar's Office. The Committee will deny, make recommendations if necessary, or approve the proposal outright. The Registrar's Office will send all approved proposals to the Office of Academic Affairs (156 Thomas Boyd Hall).

The Office of Academic Affairs (156 Thomas Boyd Hall) will review the proposal and contact the departmental/school program representative should anything need to be clarified. If signed by the Executive Vice President and Provost, it will be forwarded on to the President’s Office.

The proposal will then get sent to the Board of Supervisors. Before it is placed on the BOS agenda, it will be reviewed by the LSU Executive Grad Council.

Once approved by the BOS, it will then go the Board of Regents for final approval. Before it is placed on the BOR agenda, the Regents will circulate the proposal to the Statewide Council of Chief Academic Officer for review.

Further information regarding Graduate Certificates can be found in the LSU General Catalog.