COACHE: Faculty Job Satisfaction Survey

LSU participated in the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) faculty job satisfaction survey, operated by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, for the first time in spring 2021. The COACHE survey is a powerful instrument, facilitating data collection on faculty work and life concerns, benchmarked against peer institutions.  Created and operated by faculty, the data will be used to identify needs and opportunities to improve faculty recruitment, retention, and work/life quality. Questions assess faculty views on university policies, practices, and working conditions such as tenure and promotion, climate, workload and support, compensation and benefits, and global satisfaction. 
LSU’s Core Committee, made-up of faculty researchers and academic leaders, were charged with shepherding the survey on campus. As the survey is implemented by an external team of independent researchers at COACHE, data collection protocols are robust, building in additional layers of security for faculty. The data will be confidential, which means no identifiers are matched to reported response, and at no time will any personnel on LSU’s campus have access to any data containing identifying information. See more about data privacy here. After the results have been analyzed, the Core Committee will convene a group of faculty to identify priorities, and then action items for supporting LSU faculty. You can read more about the CORE Committee here.

Survey Closed

Survey Results

The survey closed on April 12, and COACHE will provide reports to the LSU Core Committee in fall 2021. Upon in-depth review by Core Committee faculty researchers, the results and plans for next steps will be shared with faculty at events including a presidential forum, Faculty Senate meeting, and college policy committee meetings. Faculty focus groups will be convened to review the results and provide additional feedback to the Office of Academic Affairs in order to prioritize action items. Read more about the process that will govern survey implementation and data evaluation here.  Please check this page for updates and details in the coming months.  

How will the faculty benefit from results?

The COACHE survey data will be used to directly engage faculty concerns as we develop policy to improve faculty satisfaction. Recommendations from the faculty committee will be considered and lead to an investment in meaningful and lasting change in the faculty work environment.



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