Staff Advisors

The LSU Council of Staff Advisors was officially established in 2006 with the signing of Permanent Memorandum 37 (PM-37). Members of the Council represent staff employees at all eleven LSU institutions, in much the same way as its sister organization, the LSU Council of Faculty Advisors, represents faculty employees at LSU institutions. Each institution has its own method of selecting its Council representative and alternate.

This website strives to provide an overview of University Administrations role, the role of its campuses, awareness of the LSU Board of Supervisors and its functions as it applies to each of the eleven institutions.

We encourage employees to utilize the site for sharing information and staying up-to-date regarding issues of importance to you. We invite you to actively participate in The Council by contacting the representative on your campus with suggestions for projects and issues of concern, by working with your own institution’s representative body, and by potentially serving on The Council.


Primary Contacts

Member name Institution Telephone Fax
Daphne James Paul M Hebert Law Center 225-578-8646  
  Health Care Services Division    
Sharon Hebert Pennington Biomedical Research Center 225-763-3024  
Lisa Ebarb LSU Health Sciences Center - Shreveport 318-675-5605 318-675-6500
Janice Miller LSU at Alexandria 318-473-6532  
Scott Hardwick LSU in Shreveport 318-797-5216  
Tammy Millican LSU 225-578-6968  
Sharon Salzer LSU AgCenter 225-578-4643  
  LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans 504-568-3916 504-336-2017
Courtney Fruge LSU in Eunice 337-550-1288 337-550-1450


Alternate Contacts

Alternate Institution Telephone Fax
Gwendolyn Ferrell Paul M Hebert Law Center 225-578-8707  
  LSU Health Care Services Division    
Gena Doucet Pennington Biomedical Research Center 225-578-4640  
Carolyn Winner LSU Health Sciences Center, Shreveport 318-675-5616 318-675-6500
Sally Cowan LSU Alexandria 318-473-6446  
  LSU Shreveport    
Trey Truitt LSU Baton Rouge 225-578-2162  
  LSU Ag Center    
 Terrilyn Cunningham LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans 504-568-2029  
Amanda Cain LSU Eunice    


  • LSU HR and Risk Management Benefits
  • Comprehensive Public Training Program – The Comprehensive Public Training Program (CPTP) is the state-funded training program for state employees. Through the CPTP, agencies are offered management development and supervisory training, and general application classes on topics such as computer software and writing skills.