Dear Faculty, Staff and Students:

The University Planning Council has taken the lead in updating our university’s strategic plan during 2016. Evolving from a series of brainstorming sessions with the academic deans last fall, the council has been working diligently over the past few months to define the singular thread that ties students, faculty and staff in 2016 with the five professors and 19 students who, in 1860, began what is now LSU.  We seek to articulate what has been the great legacy of our institution in the past that will propel us to the future.

As Louisiana’s only flagship institution with land, sea and space grant status, we hold awesome leadership responsibilities to our state and country.  Collectively we form an institution where faculty and graduates carry that mission profoundly and distinctly in their careers.  But what does that mean for LSU in our contemporary environment?
In the coming months LSU, through the leadership of the University Planning Council, will answer these questions.  We envision a structure not defined by functional areas, such as research, teaching, and service but rather by the higher order attributes that describe our collective efforts. 
We invite you to help shape this direction for LSU.  Over the next six months the university will host a series of focus groups, surveys and discussions and we strongly seek your participation. 


Bill Daly
University Planning Council Chair
Professor, Chemistry
Rick Koubek
Executive Vice President and Provost
Professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering


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SEPTEMBER 29, 2016

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JULY 15, 2016
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JUNE 14, 2016   
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JUNE 09, 2016 
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MARCH 14, 2016   
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